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In less than 7 days, you can have your own customized lead-generating website up and running with fully automated contact follow up… while you are doing more important things.

High volume real estate lead generation just changed forever!

  • Innovate and leverage NOW technology to attract more contacts, get more listings and make more sales with your #1 consistent lead generating machine
  • Your own free book website that creates leads and never sleeps
  • Your own cool domain name directs leads just to YOU
  • Your own email database captures new contacts
  • Your own customised eBook
  • Drive traffic from anywhere and everywhere
  • Your email system AUTOMATICALLY sends out messages for 12 months
  • Build a massive listings pipeline and prepare to get busy!

Imagine your own personal set-and-forget

lead generator working for you 24 hours

a day 365 days a year.

Most agents swap their time for money.  In other words, if they’re not working, they’re not earning.  But have you ever dreamed of using your real estate career to make money while you sleep? What about making money while you’re traveling, skiing, at the football, playing cricket with your kids or treating your significant other to dinner and a movie?

It’s like having a full time personal assistant that does nothing but find you sellers 24 hours a day.   This thing never sleeps!

I bet you’ve thought about this often and wondered how it can be done…

Well imagine no longer because that day has arrived.

In the new online digital world it’s get on the train or be left at the station.

While the ‘old school’ are still door knocking and cold calling in their never-ending quest for more listings, a new breed of tech savvy agents are using social media and online marketing to cleverly (and very affordably) spread their message throughout their local market and catch their competitors asleep at the wheel.

And here’s the really cool thing:

Instead of ‘me too’ advertising that your competitors are doing and offering lame FREE APPRAISAL flyers, you’re give-to-get- marketing strategy is offering now and future sellers REAL value because you’re actually showing them how they can add value to their property before they appoint you to help them sell for more.

You’ve just become a ‘CAN’T SAY NO’ proposition.

So I can see you nodding but hear you thinking… That’s great Ray, but how the heck do I do that? Well, that’s where me and my media team come in.

If you’re like most agents I work with, you know there are a truck load of opportunities to earn extra commission with online lead generation… You’re just not 100% sure how to go about it.  But that’s okay.

I’ve assembled a very capable bunch of online and very tech savvy Internet media specialists to build you a customized webpage that will feature a personalised electronic copy of my book.  You simply offer your unique domain to sellers and WHAM! Your lead generation listings funnel is fully operational.

Here’s how it works.

  • We help you find an easy to remember, marketing friendly and cool domain name like or This will become your main marketing website you drive traffic to.
  • Your site offers a downloadable electronic copy of my bestselling book (How To Sell Your Home For More) which show sellers how to add $$$$ to their sale price by following the suggestions in the book and choosing you as their agent
  • We build your site that’s customised to you using your own domain and you’re live! It’s like opening a shop for business 24 hours a day where you don’t even need to show up!
  • You start marketing and driving traffic to your site from EVERYWHERE including your opens, your regular contacts, letter drops, flyers, fridge magnets, Facebook, former buyers, former sellers, direct mail, your regular real estate website and professional contacts.  (We provide the flyer designs, you get them printed)
  • People go to your site and download your FREE and customised electronic copy of How To Sell Your Home For More simply by inserting their name and email address.
  • When this happens, their first name and email is automatically captured and stored (with their permission of course) in your specially developed email marketing account. (We set this up for you)
  • Your new contact then starts receiving specifically crafted emails from you for the next 12 months.  These message are automatically sent from your special email account.  Each email is personalised to each contact on your list so it looks like you’ve sat down to write a message just to them. (We write the emails and set this up for you too)


  • Each email from you to your contacts is sent in a fully customized template featuring your name and contact info and sent in plain text format to reduce the risk of getting stuck in spam filters.  Please keep in mind, you are NOT spamming your new contact as they have opted in to receive your communication.
  • At this point, your list of potential sellers is automatically building… All you need to do is feed your marketing machine with awesome marketing ideas (we’ll give you those) and voila… you have a permanent lead generation system set up and cranking results in 7 days or less.
  • Also, and this is cool, at any point you can personally email your entire list with a special message.  You might want to tell your contacts about the record result you just achieved in their area or wish them a Happy New year.  You simply login to your email account and create your email broadcast to your list.  (We show you how to do this in a super easy explainer video)

What do you get?

  • A fully branded and customized (to you) FREE BOOK website featuring the free book offer, graphics and copy.  We build it for you, we host it and pay for all hosting and maintenance for the life of your site.
  • We help you choose and buy your domain. Securing the right name is super important but we will help you with that.  If you wish, we will buy and host the domain for you.
  • The site will be designed to capture names and emails so they need to be stored somewhere. We set you up with one of the most popular and easy to navigate email marketing systems available.  This is the same system that’s used by some of the wealthiest Internet marketers in the business.
  • We pre-load 12 months worth of customized emails into the Automatic email system for you.  Obviously you will have access to this to send messages to your list at any time.  Also, once one of your contacts lists their property for sale with you, you will need to stop sending the messages.

How much is your free book

website investment?

  • Site build and set up:$1797 or 3 payments of $700Hosting and maintenance $27 per month

Completing the site, setting it up and loading your emails is very labour intensive but that’s our problem.

You get a fully customized and live marketing website you can begin using within 7 days of placing your order.


Why it works.

  • We’re now in the Information Age and can you guess what property sellers want instantly at any time of the day or night? Yup… they want info and if they don’t get it from you, they’ll get it from your competitors.
  • Most real estate websites try to attract leads but this rarely works because they confuse the visitor with a dozen different ‘click’ options.  In marketing we call this a ‘disconnect’ and 95% of agents don’t understand the damage it does and money it costs them.
  • You’re proposition is very different to what ANY other agent is offering.  This means you have what we call in marketing a very strong USP or Unique Selling Proposition.  You’re making a dynamic and compelling offer in the form of free help and assistance to now and future sellers with no strings attached while your competitors are saying “list with me” or (yawn) free appraisal.
  • No recommended retail price.  If you haven’t read the book as yet, you’ll find it helps sellers understand that the price of EVERY property can be influenced by presentation, method of sale, marketing and the skill of the agent.  In fact, as I say in the book, when it comes to real estate, there is NO recommended retail price.  So while other agents are undercutting each other to win the business, you’re coming from a completely different position.  By using the book you can actually help your sellers understand they CAN influence their sale price.
  • Using your own free ebook website is classic Give-to-Get Marketing which is one of the most effective marketing strategies in modern history.  Major corporations have been using it successful for years and now it’s available to Bestagents members.
  • The average time from when a seller first speaks to an agent to when they actually choose an agent and make a decision to sell is about 12 months.  But your free ebook website has that covered because from the moment a visitor to your site downloads your ebook, they begin to receive emails from you AUTOMATICALLY for a year or as long as you choose.  Each message will be personalised to the free ebook recipient (Dear Mary or Dear Bill etc…) and come from you.   These messages are designed to engage your contact and will seriously boost the chances of YOU being appointed as the selling as you continue to build and strengthen the relationship.


  • When trying to attract new or future sellers, most agents plaster their photo and phone number everywhere and have their message really small.  This is a classic and very costly marketing mistake.  Effective marketing is giving your target a clear and simple message in three parts:1.  Tell them what it is2.  Tell them what it does

    3.  Tell them what to do nextAnything more is a disconnect.  The proven marketing strategy is to focus on attracting the new contact’s attention and start the relationship.


How much is your free book

website investment?

  • Site build and set up:$1797 or 3 payments of $700Hosting and maintenance $27 per month

Completing the site, setting it up and loading your emails is very labour intensive but that’s our problem.

You get a fully customized and live marketing website you can begin using within 7 days of placing your order.  


How to qualify to have us set up your free book website

  • You need to be a current Bestagents member. The website concept doesn’t work without geographic exclusivity
  • You need to have your current personalised copy of ‘How To Sell Your home For More’ up and going.  (If you’re a BA member, you should have this)
  • There is NO #3… that’s it!


Why taking names is the all time, one and only, solid gold key to real estate success

You might have heard of Adrian Bo, the Sydney real estate agent who makes more than 2 million dollars a year in commission.  Adrian is like a lot of agents in most ways.  He works hard, he’s great at follow up, he is great at closing and selling himself and his service.  But that’s not the REAL reason for his success.

Adrian is a ‘guru’ at attracting new contacts and he’s doing it ALL the time.  In fact, Adrian has more than $12,000 POTENTIAL SELLERS in his system so he’s getting appraisal and listing requests EVERY DAY.

Your Free Book Website cam help you do that too.  All you need to do is drive traffic to your website and it does the rest.

My zero BS undertaking to you and your business.

I’m used to writing copy to people I don’t know.

I have to admit I love the challenge of engaging my readers and making a solid argument as to why they need to take action.  But you’re already a Bestagents member so I don’t need to try and sway you with prose or persuasive language so let me tell it like it is:

I have wanted to offer this service since 1998 but I couldn’t for a number of reasons.

  • First, it cost about $5000 to build a simple one page website back then.
  • Second, there were no ‘editable’ off-the-shelf cloud based email systems with ARs (Automatic Responding emails) back then either.
  • Third, eBooks in the fast downloading and customizable version you’ll be getting hadn’t been invented yet.
  • Fourth, finding and buying the best domain was like trying to find the right bus in Mexico City… and the list goes on.

But the opportunity you have before you right now is a delicious cocktail of technology, innovation, proven marketing success steps and a bloody good idea.

Let’s not dress it up… You joined BA to make more money right? So here is the best idea I’ve had since the book itself.  Just jump in and let’s get busy!

As usual, I’m going to enjoy being a part of your ongoing success.

My warmest best wishes as always,

Ray signature

Ray Wood

Founder & CEO

Bestagtents Real Estate Group

PS: No, it’s not pretty… Because it’s not supposed to be. Did you know that most, if not all of the highest converting websites on the planet are not pretty.  In fact, many of them look pretty ‘ghetto’ but did you also know that’s by design.  It’s what the top internet marketers call an Ugly Duckling. Keep in mind, the mission is to take names.  There will be plenty of opertunities to brand your pants off once you’ve secured your new contact.

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